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Darwin and the Sandwalk: Pokémon Go

There are lots of distractions in the modern world. I wonder what Darwin would have though about Pokémon Go. He may well have liked it given he was a great collector of specimens, especially beetles. Collecting the different Pokémons would have appealed.  The thrill of finding something interesting and rare….


Splitting up the beetles: Come together on Banks Peninsula?

I’ve always been a fan of the beetles. They are some of the most obvious insects in our environments as we grow up and they don’t seem to have the ‘ick’ factor for people, like flies and spiders do. I’ve also always been a fan of the Beatles. My parents…

High St

From A to B and feeling good: the road less travelled

I am a driver. I want to get from A to B, from one side of the city to the other, in as little time as possible, with as few traffic lights as possible, as well as seeing as much greenery as possible. I am not a cyclist, a walker,…


Drink your vegetables? Consider carefully!

Have you ever heard the term ‘juicing’? When someone is juicing, their diet is mainly fruit and vegetable juice for 3-10 days. Do you know someone who is juicing? Or have you ever considered juicing? Well, the answers from me are all yes! But, I did not do it because I…

lancewood Dart rv

Pack up you troubles: saving entire ecosystems from climate change by moving them

As the climate continues to change, entire ecosystems are becoming increasingly threatened by shifting abiotic conditions. Many communities of plants and animals that are part of these threatened ecosystems have a limited ability to disperse to more amenable habitats.  While climate change may make some sites uninhabitable for a given community, it…

Cassida rubiginosa

Balancing the risks and benefits of biological control

Biological control against introduced pests in New Zealand have been used constantly since the late 19th century. However, it is much harder to introduce new agents now due to regulations set by the New Zealand Governments Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), previously known as the Environmental Risk Management Authority (ERMA). Biological control…

stripey legged spider

Summer success for ballooners: spiders take the high road

New Zealand is renowned for the changes that have been wrought on it by humans.  First by Maori, then by Europeans.  One of the long term changes created by Maori have been the tussock grasslands of Canterbury, Southland and Otago.  The local fauna have adapted and created their own ecosystem.  Over the…


Darwin and the Sandwalk: Crimea

One thing that I haven’t seen a lot of in the various books and papers on the life of Darwin was how he dealt with the news and issues of the day. The lead up to the publishing  of the Origin were troubling and eventful days. At the start of…

Testing pest detection methods at Lincoln University. Photo: Amanda Black

Predafiles: how to solve the problem of pest mammals in NZ

Pest mammal control, in particular the use of 1080, has long been a hot topic in New Zealand. Feratox owner, Jeremy Kerr did an excellent job of reigniting the 1080 debate last year when he threatened to contaminate baby powder with the toxin. The media storm that followed highlighted the polarising nature…

Nina Valleywashout 2

The ebb and flow of soil

Loss of soil, although not recognised by many, is one of the major problems that society has to face. It provides habitat for a variety of species, influences the hydrological cycle by its water holding capacity and, therefore, affects vegetation. Soil has a large impact on agriculture because of its…