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Craft beers and crafty bugs

I have to admit a certain fondness for craft beers. I particularly like the big tasting American pale ales but will generally try any old thing that I come across. There is certainly a large diversity of craft beers around and it taps into that collector gene that gets you excited…


Darwin and the Sandwalk: Open plan offices

Increasingly we are coming under pressure to move into open plan office environments in all walks of life. This can come as a shock to most academics who are often introverted by nature and are good at beavering away in their own offices. I can’t imagine the Victorian scientists being…


When history is evolution: the seals of Banks Peninsula

Recently, I caught up with an old school friend. It seems a long time since we played aspects of the same character in the musical “I was a teenage Jekyll and Hyde” at South Otago High School. Brent has a successful career as a history teacher, publishing text books and generally…


What’s up with NZ sand dune habitats? Do a PhD and find out

Opportunity for PhD study: Quantifying ecosystem function in New Zealand sand dune habitats Understanding causes of variation in ecosystem function is critical for conserving and restoring ecosystems in the face of global change processes, such as climate change, land use change and species invasions. Key functions of sand dune ecosystems…

Danseys pass Tussock2

What’s up with alpine tussock grasslands? Do a PhD and find out!

A great deal of our ecological understanding of community patterns and processes is based on ‘snap-shot’ and short-term datasets. Research using long-term and time series data shows that community datasets collected over longer periods of time can be critical for predicting change. We are looking to recruit one or more…


Inky feet, rolling rocks and seedy lizards at Mt Grand

 In late autumn, our postgrads in ECOL 609 Nature Conservation went on field trip to Central Otago where they conducted several days of research on lizards. Wilhelm and Andreas (both Master of International Nature Conservation students) tell us what they did. Wilhelm Osterman : Do alpine geckos play a role in…


Darwin and the Sandwalk: Pokémon Go

There are lots of distractions in the modern world. I wonder what Darwin would have though about Pokémon Go. He may well have liked it given he was a great collector of specimens, especially beetles. Collecting the different Pokémons would have appealed.  The thrill of finding something interesting and rare….


Splitting up the beetles: Come together on Banks Peninsula?

I’ve always been a fan of the beetles. They are some of the most obvious insects in our environments as we grow up and they don’t seem to have the ‘ick’ factor for people, like flies and spiders do. I’ve also always been a fan of the Beatles. My parents…

High St

From A to B and feeling good: the road less travelled

I am a driver. I want to get from A to B, from one side of the city to the other, in as little time as possible, with as few traffic lights as possible, as well as seeing as much greenery as possible. I am not a cyclist, a walker,…


Drink your vegetables? Consider carefully!

Have you ever heard the term ‘juicing’? When someone is juicing, their diet is mainly fruit and vegetable juice for 3-10 days. Do you know someone who is juicing? Or have you ever considered juicing? Well, the answers from me are all yes! But, I did not do it because I…