Darwin and the Sandwalk – IP

 Before we do research and then publish there are a lot of hoops to jump through. None of that in Darwin’s day! No research office, no intellectual property, no worries about open access. Those were the days!

Darwin and the Sandwalk – twitter

Social media is an increasing part of the toolset that we use as scientists. While I am not yet convinced about the value of things like Researchgate and LinkedIn (but grudgingly participate), have a minimal facebook and no instagram presence, I do engage with twitter. I have found this to be…

Darwin and the Sandwalk – consultation

 Sometimes it seems that science has become mostly about talking to stakeholders and getting them to tell you how to run your science and then you spend much of the rest of the time writing progress reports. Occasionally you get to do some research….

Darwin and the Sandwalk – Upgrades

Here’s an issue that certainly causes problems today!

Darwin and the Sandwalk – Cousin

Another Sandwalk. I always thought it ironic that Darwin married his cousin and then spent a lot of his later life worrying about the wisdom of this from a ‘fitness’ point of view. I guess he was the first to have this worry! For the other Sandwalk cartoons, click on…

Darwin and the Sandwalk – Sponsors

Another Darwin cartoon from the old SYSTANZ newsletters. The cartoons were put together by Cor Vink and I. At the time Cor was an invertebrate technician and later my PhD student. Cor now is a curator at Canterbury Museum in Christchurch. Cor would do the drawing and I would usually…

Darwin and the Sandwalk – Origin

Back around the start of the earthquakes I was putting some old cartoons of Darwin on the Sandwalk (his private walk around the woodland at his estate which he ambled about most days to get in some serious thinking time) online. I have been doing my once a decade office…