A threat to our mighty atmospheric guardians

For my generation, Climate change is a deep and consistent fear of an unavoidable doom. Every day we hear reports of melting icecaps, critters going extinct and magical sea creatures washing up on shore with plastic in their stomachs. For a fledgling female scientist like myself, climate change means more…

The origin of the faeces: snail tales of earthworm dinners

The view from Stockton Plateau ‘Scrubs’ is one of my favourite comedy series. I really enjoyed the (often extremely) odd jokes and situations. Scrubs was around long enough that they qualified for a musical episode, called My Musical. Many long running series eventually have an episode where the cast sings….

Finding the best spot on the beech

There is a moment in childhood when you relise just how large the universe is. Up until this moment your brain is happy to deal with what’s around you and leave everything else in a haze of Elsewhere. With the ‘click’ you comprehend that you are actually standing on the…

A fungi to be with: Pines, Trichoderma and ECM fungus

The Syrian army are reported to be using cluster bombs on their own people. What makes this weapon more abhorrent than many of the other methods that they have been using? Cluster bombs are very unselective. Once fired there is no way to target them, except at a general area….

Understanding tree-species richness in New Zealand’s Forests

This blog post was written by postgraduate student Thomas Wabnig as part of the course, Research Methods in Ecology (Ecol 608). Thomas revisits a Lincoln University research area on the use of toxins for possum control published since the early 1990s. Looking at a picture from one of New Zealand’s…